At the end of the day…


Sunset from my office window.

Its been a while and a lot has changed…

So what’s changed? 

Well, the house is nearly finished and it has now become a home; a home for the four of us. And, if I’m honest its pretty impressive and just what Sue and I imagined… well, Sue imagined and I just stuck my oar in every now and again and wrote the cheques!

Work has been a little manic to say the least and I’m now on the cusp of a new beginning. No longer will I be freelancing but I will be the owner of my very own design and brand consultancy (as dreamt of a long time ago and inspired by a a certain Rob Ellingham).

But that’s all for now, I have a bed calling my name… :)


Oh Lordy!

I’m on a quest to become a Lord. Take a look at the Don’t Panic site and you’ll see my sparkling entry for the coat of arms competition. Once voting opens make sure you vote!

Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to send out timely reminders :)

Up in the roof…

So, the easiest way to get to the roof is up the enormous scaffolding which was erected at the rear of the house. This will be a permanent addition for the next few weeks as it will help with the loft conversion, fit the rear windows and remove the hideous 70s cement render on the back of the entire house. The scaffolders came, they upset the neighbours, nearly trashed Sue’s car, broke the garage door and left a mess. I was subsequently told that there are no good scaffolders… I’m inclined to agree.

What goes up… 

…must be climbed!

So once it was up I couldn’t resist climbing up to see what sort of view we’d have from our loft windows. We can see for miles and miles, over to the East of Poulton and right over to the Trough of Bowland! See for yourself…


New windows on the world…

The front windows are being fitted at last. Whilst chaos ensues with the loft conversion (more on that to come) the guys from Weru have moved in to fit the front windows. A 5 man team who have fitted the windows beautifully, meticulous craftsmen of their trade. The door and rear windows are being stored and should be fitted mid April.

Although the front garden now resembles a construction/bomb site, we are getting some favourable comments from neighbours, friends and passing pedestrians on our new windows, although its taking me some time to get used to them. To me, they are just a part of the overall look and once we have tamed the hedge, added the door and generally tidied up the frontage and garden I’m sure I will be happy.

Inside of the bay window.

A slight sinking within the bay window caused a couple of problems but they were soon sorted.

The view from across the street

I’m glad we chose to retain the mini bay in the upstairs bedroom

Inside of the mini bay window


I’ve just had an invitation to join Pinterest and all I can say is, I’m hooked. I’ve always been a fan of The Fancy and I guess this just takes it a step further. Having  just dabbled with my pin boards and looking at the wealth of quality content, I can see I’m going to waste a few hours on there. Why don’t you too!


…and sadly, not clothing! Instead we have begun to strip walls. Every wall has wallpaper, paint covered wallpaper which, thanks to Dale Benz and Alison Ward (former owners with a penchant for graffiti) is over 20 years old! They say wallpaper can hide a multitude of problems, so far all we have found is one massive crack running through the house and a phone directory for someone who obviously hasn’t heard of paper and pen. Luckily we’ve been assured the cracks were due to settlement, so nothing much to worry about.

So its all hands to the… err… walls and armed with strippers and steamers we’ve a month to get the walls back to plaster. No pressure then.

Even our little one got stuck in!

Worrying cracks uncovered.

So who in their right mind would re-hang a picture on bare walls... apparently to make it look more homely? That'll be the wife.

our Ugly Duckling…

In November of last year we completed on what felt like the longest house sale in history, over 6 months between an offer being accepted and completion.

our house

So here it is, our Ugly Duckling of a house. A mid-terrace, late Victorian house which is deceptively spacious. Set near the centre of Poulton it currently has living space over 3 floors, including a basement kitchen which opens up onto a back garden. It is our mission to turn this house into a beautiful swan, complete with basement kitchen/living area, loft bedroom and creating contemporary living packed with traditional features, all of which you can view right here as we make steady progress.

A New Year and a new resolution…

Welcome to my little space on ‘tinternet, a space which will give you an insight into my thoughts and feelings as I meander my way through life.

2012 is upon us and it’s that time of year when all New Years resolutions have probably been broken… except mine haven’t. I vowed not to let another drop of alcohol pass through my body and to abstain from the biggest waste of my online life, Facebook. To be honest I’m doing rather well and am enjoying the break from hangovers and the habitual need to check on other peoples lives. Long may it last.

This will be a year of change. Why? Well, as I’m (over) half way though my life – average life expectancy for a male in the UK is 78.2 years (ONS 2011) – and heading for the big ‘Four-O’ its about time I put ideas into action and make some dreams happen. So watch this space as yet another resolution I vow to keep up is the continued writing of this blog… it’s going to be a good year.